A strategic troublemaker. 

I'm a design researcher living in San Francisco. Curious, opinionated, and driven by empathy, I strive to create better experiences for people, whether in web or mobile apps or within healthcare and education. 

An expert in qualitative methods, I learn about people's needs, motivations, values, and behaviors in order to design experiences that will be relevant and valuable for them - and I'll make sure of it by clearly defining our success metrics. I'm also not shy about working with data science to help focus my efforts, and have experience with quantitative methods like surveys. I currently work as a Design Researcher at Yammer, a tool that helps companies communicate and collaborate transparently. 

My proudest accomplishments include establishing Yammer's research team as pillar in determining longterm product direction, co-designing a high school in Providence, RI with educators and high school students; and reimagining the prenatal experience for low-income mothers in Cincinnati, OH.