Building the Business Innovation Factory's Business Model Bootcamp



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Role: Experience Designer

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With the team at the Business Innovation Factory, I developed a two-day experiential workshop for leadership teams, the Business Model Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp is designed for organizations that are interested in innovating their current business model to better create and deliver value for their customers, and compete in the global market. 



At the end of the workshop, leaders will have hands-on experience with:

1. Implementing a repeatable and adaptable process for designing, prototyping and testing new business models

2. Shifting to a customer-centered lens through ethnography and human-centered design techniques

3. Creating a new value proposition and customer experience aligned to a customer’s job-to-be-done

4. Combining and recombining capabilities unconstrained by an existing business model to deliver a new customer experience

5. Exploring new revenue models for capturing value

6. Prototyping and testing new business models in the real world

7. Storytelling and engagement strategies for new business models

I went through several iterations of the framework to land on this clear and simple explanation of our business model innovation process. We believe that any transformation begins by Shifting your lens; creating a prototype of how you Create, Deliver, and Capture value for your customers; and then testing that model in the real world. 

Using this framework I designed a two-day experience for leaders to get hands-on experience in the business model innovation process, drawing on frameworks I've designed to get at the integral steps of each phase. By using real world examples of stagnant business models, leaders learn to think outside their current realm of possibility. The Bootcamp is now a formal offering of the Business Innovation Factory