Design Research at Yammer

About Yammer

Yammer is a work collaboration tool that allows employees to connect across their companies to form communities and relationships, and have their voice heard across geographies, timezones, and organizational hierarchies. 

What I Do

As a Design Researcher at Yammer, I drive the future of our product by learning from the people that use it. I lead exploratory, strategic research to identify new product opportunities that will create more value our individual users and large-scale customers. I work alongside product managers, designers, data analysts, and copywriters to create the best possible user experiences, from defining a clear hypothesis, to ideation, concept testing, and iteration. Every day, I make sure we are asking the right questions, challenging assumptions, and identifying gaps in our knowledge. I make sure we leverage the right tools at the right time, including quantitative and qualitative methods, and advocate for user empathy across our entire team at Yammer. 


Strategic, Exploratory Research

When product leadership came to our two-person Research team and asked where we should take Yammer in the next two years, we leapt at the opportunity to drive our collective vision through research insight. Using a mixture of methods (including interviewing, surveys, co-design, and concept testing) we landed on a product direction that is driving us towards a more valuable, differentiated product. Now moving from exploratory to generative research armed with our team of product managers, designers, data analysts, and engineers, we're continuing to narrow our focus to develop a concrete feature roadmap for the next 6 months.

Site Visits

Leading our team of designers, product managers, and engineers in contextual inquiry to understand the people that our product in context of real life. 

Usability & Concept Testing

Working alongside our awesome team of designers, we generate concepts based on research insights, and test prototypes in front of real people.

Group Insights.gif

Sprints & Explorations

For when we need to see a challenge in a new perspective, I lend a research perspective to design sprints, or facilitate an exploration for the team. Whether we're thinking about UX flows of new value propositions, I design and experiment with processes that will help us bring creativity and clarity to previously ambiguous challenge. 

Check out this blogpost that my teammates and I wrote about a recent exploration I facilitated: