Working at the Business Innovation Factory, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Role: Experience Designer

Skills and Methods:
Participatory Design Facilitation
Public Speaking
Writing content for a Design Thinking curriculum:

  • Defining a Design Challenge

  • Research and Exploration

  • Insight and Opportunity Development

  • Brainstorming and Concept Development

  • Prototyping and Testing

  • Ongoing Transformation

  • Storytelling



As part of the BIF team, I helped design, prototype and test TD4Ed, an online platform that teaches design thinking and enables teachers to innovate in the classroom, school, and district.

As an Experience Designer, I contributed to TD4Ed by helping to design a curriculum that would guide educators through the design thinking process. This included creating a design thinking curriculum, writing content for the online platform, testing the curriculum with teachers in 3 locations, and iterating based on feedback and our own observations.


Our Goal: 

To help teachers learn and use design thinking to identify and define challenges in their classrooms, schools, and districts, and supply them with tangible tools and steps for generating ideas and testing solutions.

Teachers use creative problem solving every day. The TD4Ed Design Thinking process harnesses these skills that teachers already use and provides a more rigorous and intentional approach to tackling challenges that are meaningful to teachers — whether they are within the classroom, school, district, or community.



Three U.S. locations were selected to pilot the curriculum — Rhode Island, Philadelphia, and ChicagoWe co-created the TD4Ed platform with teachers in a series of workshops in each of these locations over the course of six months.

The pilot teams completed the 6-week TD4Ed curriculum and have made positive, measurable changes within their classrooms, schools, and districts. See some of the teams' work here



The Solution

The TD4Ed Design Thinking process consists of 6 steps, each with a distinct yet flexible set of methods and activities that are designed to build upon one another. TD4Ed is now open to the public, giving teams of teachers the resources and tools they need to identify challenges, generate new ideas, and implement solutions. See the curriculum here.